Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On a Need to Know Basis

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Everyone views things differently; we each have our limits and topics that interest us can vary significantly. The very things that I find exciting may cause someone else to turn away in boredom. But what frustrates me is when I want to relate something which I am very passionate about to my kids and they refuse to hear about it. Well, actually most of my children indulge me when I try to share with them, but one of them simply can’t give me that. It’s nothing to do with respect, but some topics are just too difficult to bear. The mention of a chosen few topics creates panic so before anyone has a chance to totally freak out, I have to change the subject or leave the room. Moshiach, terrorists, war, redemption… these words are like a head-crushing, suffocating vise to some people. This creates a lot of tension for me, because there is so much I need to impart to my family, especially now and specifically on those particular ‘forbidden’ topics.

Recently we have come to an agreement. I was informed that any information on these subjects will be handled on a ‘need to know basis’. If there is something urgent to pass on, I can say it, otherwise I will keep my views to myself.  In theory that sounds fair but the problem is everyone NEEDS TO KNOW NOW!

As a mother, despite the fact that my children are adults in their own right, I have a responsibility to them. It’s not like I’m in some elite club of people who have an inside track on the future but I feel like there is a minority of us who really see what’s happening in the world. Is it denial or just spiritual blindness on everyone else’s part? One doesn't have to be spiritual to read the news. With all the countries itching to take Israel down, all the natural disasters occurring throughout the world and all the man-made catastrophes to boot, doesn't it kind of make you wonder ‘Who’ is doing all this? If you think it’s just natural phenomenon, think again. If you believe that there have always been wars so that is nothing new, take a closer look. G-d has allowed man to create such amazing technology that we are now sitting ducks waiting for total annihilation in our own backyard. Never before have there been such weapons of massive destruction that could potentially destroy the whole planet. That is precisely what HaShem planned. As in the past, He knows that a hateful portion of man would misuse their free will and intelligence with evil intent. The difference today is that the only antidote for this horrifying scenario is a true, major, eye-opening miracle. But the definitive word is ‘eye-opening’. Open your eyes people! The only way to ensure a miracle is to make changes now, BEFORE it’s too late. This is our window of opportunity to guarantee our survival.

In the time of Noah and the Ark, everyone laughed at him until the rain began to fall. Even then, it wasn’t until there was no let-up in the flood that people understood that it was not a joke. The Bible isn’t some storybook made up for reading in Church or Synagogue; it is an authentic journal of history. What happened then could happen now. I don’t fear for the continued existence of mankind since prophecies tell us that there will be a time of true peace and a period of Redemption. But I need to know that everyone I care about, all of my family, all of our people and all the G-d fearing people of the world will grab this chance to implore HaShem to have mercy on us. It is only through prayer, charity and repentance that HaShem will save any of us. Miracles don’t come easy and without a genuine effort why should we be blessed with this gift? The choice is ours to make. If we turn our eyes upward to see past our homes, clothes, cars, jobs and vacations we may, G-d willing, have the merit to witness Divine Wonders.

May Moshiach come immediately to lead the way!

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  1. Chaya, I'm with you 100%. You clarifiy things so well! My children, too, are on a "need to know" basis, and it scares the you-know-what out of me. I don't think I can influence anyone in chutz l'aretz, and the ones who want to be here and know they should be here just can't, for a myriad of reasons. If we can least impart the value of emuna to them - but alas - their "need to know" isn't as strong as our "need to tell."